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"Kommt Laset Uns Anbeten"
"Come, let us Worship"
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  Harmonie Church has a rich history and heritage. The earliest exact record was a baptism on September 3, 1843. Rev. Herman Garlicks, from Femme Osage, would ride his horse the thirteen miles to Harmonie on the upper Charrette river to Shepherd the flock of God and visit the people. Often the history of the church is linked to the ministry of one or more of its pastors. One of those pastors was Karl Strack. His influence was such that the church was commonly called by his name "Strack Church". For 40 years Harmonie flourished as a congregation under his leadership. For reasons unknown, Harmonie was closed from 1932 to 1996 to regular weekly services.
  Harmonie Church was the first German Lutheran Evangelical Church in Warren County. It is to the credit of those faithful and hardy German settlers who carved their livelihood out of this wilderness that they gathered together and built a house of worship. It was here that they found faith and courage to do their work, raise their families and suffer the toil and labor required to be part of a great new frontier. A link between the past and the future was forged in 1941. The church and the adjoining cemetery were incorporated and the Charrette Memorial Association was formed.
  On October 3, 1943, the centennial of the Harmonie Church was held. Once again God was worshiped and honored in this place. The future was bright. But, it was the sky and not the future that was bright on the morning of February 10, 1990 when Harmonie Church burned to the ground. Everything was ash, even the church bell was nothing but melted metal.
  God however had not forgotten Harmonie. Hosts of people were stirred to rebuild Harmonie Church where once again the faithful could gather and worship. The community Chapel Association was formed and was composed of Lola Baseel, Dr. Roger Beckmeyer, Ed Boyce, Earl Neely, Carol Wolf'e, Rick Klenke and Al Ledebuhr who served as the president. They found that the exact dimensions of the original church were on record so that an accurate historical reproduction could be possible. The Charrette Memorial Association and Mrs. Hollenbeck gave their fullest cooperation and reconstruction soon began. Gradually, but progressively from the "ashes" God's church arose. After over 150 years Harmonie Church stands amidst her forest of trees to proclaim to all her devotion to the Almighty God. Today her belfry stands tall and is no longer silent in the airless sky. Her arched windows lift your eyes naturally toward heaven, from which the light of God does brightly shine. The vaulted ceiling still affords acoustical perfection.
   Beginning Memorial Day Sunday in 1991 Harmonie began to hold a regular schedule of multi-denominational services. On Palm Sunday 1996, Harmonie began to hold services on the Lord's Day every week. It had been 65 years since this "church in the wild woods" met on a weekly basis to worship God. Today we invite all to:
"Kommt Laset Un Anbeten"
"Come, let us Worship"
No matter what your denominational background, all are welcome here to worship and praise the Lord.
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